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Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Teams

Counterfeit bank notes

The RCMP has three Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Teams (ICETs) to conduct major counterfeiting investigations in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The ICETs have been strategically located in these major centers because Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia are subject to the highest percentage of counterfeit notes passed and seized.

ICETs Mandate

The teams are mandated to provide the necessary enforcement capability to ensure a national response to organized counterfeit activity and to investigate criminal organizations and individuals involved in the production and mass distribution of counterfeit currency.


The teams are inter-disciplinary and include specialists not only in banknote counterfeiting but also in surveillance, undercover operations and the use of human sources. They are supported by forensic examiners at the National Anti-Counterfeiting Bureau, the Counterfeit Analysis Program and the RCMP’s Technological Crime Branch. The teams work closely with the Bank of Canada, other government agencies and our policing partners.

ICETs encourage the participation of other law enforcement agencies on a case-by-case basis. This includes sharing intelligence and other information through the creation of active partnerships at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Counterfeiting has a direct impact on the stability of Canada’s currency. It exposes individuals and businesses to financial loss and provides opportunities for organized crime groups to profit.

Through the National Counterfeit Enforcement Strategy, the RCMP in close cooperation with the Bank of Canada and our policing partners is renewing its commitment to maintain public confidence in Canada’s currency.