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Commissioner of Firearms Report - 2011


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Message from the Commissioner of Firearms


  • Purpose of Report
  • Program Overview
  • CFP Mission, Values and Priorities
  • CFP Strategic Priorities
  • CFP Partnerships

2011 Highlights

  • Compliance Incentives
  • Canada Safety Council Partnership
  • Shift in Firearms Licence Ratios
  • Proposed Changes to Firearms Legislation

CFP Law Enforcement Services

  • National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (NWEST)
  • Canadian National Firearms Tracing Centre (CNFTC)
  • Specialized Firearms Support Services (SFSS)
  • Firearms Internet Investigations Support (FIIS) Unit
  • Firearms Operations and Enforcement Support (FOES)
  • Public Agents Firearms Regulations (PAFR)
  • Canadian Firearms Information System (CFIS)
  • Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)
  • Canadian Firearms Registry Online (CFRO)
  • CFP Geographical Firearms Reports

CFP Service to the Public

  • Licensing of Firearm Users
  • Firearms Licence Renewals
  • Firearms Business Support
  • Chief Firearms Officers (CFO)
  • Firearm Registration
  • Registrar of Firearms
  • Firearms Assistance and Outreach to the Public
  • Outreach to Aboriginal Communities

Keeping Canada Safe

  • Firearms Safety Training
  • Enhanced Screening of Firearms Licence Applicants
  • Firearms Licence Application Refusals
  • Continuous Eligibility Screening of Firearms Licence Holders
  • Firearms Licence Revocations
  • Firearms Prohibitions
  • Firearms Registration Application Refusals and Certificate Revocations
  • Firearm-related Inspections
  • Range Safety and Use-of-Force Coordinator
  • 1-800 Safety Line - Reporting Public Safety Concerns

Commitment to the Future

Contact Information

RCMP Canadian Firearms Program
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2
1-800-731-4000 (toll free)
1-613-825-0315 (fax)

Media Relations:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
1 613 843 5999

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