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How would Bill C-71 affect owners of Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ) and Swiss Arms (SA) firearms?

Information for clarification

Bill C-71 proposes changes that would impact some firearm owners in Canada. The information outlined below is intended to provide guidance to CZ/SA firearm owners should Bill C-71, as introduced in the House of Commons on March 20, 2018, become law.

For Individual owners:

  • Im a CZ/SA firearm owner. Should Bill C-71 (as introduced on March 20, 2018) become law, how would it affect me?

For Businesses:

  • Im a business owner who has CZ/SA firearms in my inventory. Should Bill C-71 (as introduced on March 20, 2018) become law, how would it affect my business?

General Information:

  • On March 20, 2018, further to the proposed legislation, Bill C-71, the Government made an Amnesty Order for the Swiss Arms - Four Seasons models and Classic Green Sniper Rifle. The Amnesty Order protects only individuals and businesses who were in lawful possession of one or more of these firearms on March 19, 2018. The Order provides protection from criminal prosecution for possession of these firearms until February 28, 2021, in the circumstances set out in the Order. The Order permits the affected persons to:
    • possess the firearm
    • deliver the firearm to a peace officer, firearms officer of chief firearms officer
    • sell or give the firearm to a business including a museum authorized to acquire and possess prohibited firearms; or
    • transport the firearm for the purposes of delivering, selling or giving it as provided for in the Order