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Canadian Firearms Program Secure Online Services

Browser requirements

Please check the following browser requirements to best use Canadian Firearms Program's online services:


The Canadian Firearms Program strongly suggests using Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Windows-based computer in order to properly access the secure online services it offers.

Supported browsers

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer Versions 8-10
  2. Chrome
  3. Firefox

Unsupported browsers

CFP online services require a level of security not currently supported by all types of browsers. While you may retain some functionality using an unsupported browser, we are unable to troubleshoot any issues you may have if you do not follow the browser recommendations. You can consult your browser software supplier's online help files and forums for assistance.


The Canadian Firearms Program is not responsible for any difficulties or problems with downloading and installing software. Technical support is provided by the software suppliers.

  1. Safari
  2. Microsoft EDGE
    Bundled with Windows 10, this browser produces two known errors while trying to access Individual Web Services.
    1. Date of birth
      1. The date field format is MM-DD-YYYY.
      2. If you select the date from the calendar, you must select the checkmark at the bottom of the page to properly import it into the date field. If the calendar disappears, you will need to select the date again.
      3. If you select the date and the checkmark, but it is still not accepted, try exiting all browser windows and clearing your Internet cache from the browser before attempting to log in again.
    2. Image uploading
      1. Even when a jpeg (.jpg) file of the proper size is selected, the system may give the following error: "file is not a .jpg." This error message may be a result of custom browser settings.

Adjusting browser encryption settings

Verify the following settings with your browser software supplier:
  • SSL encryption settings
  • TLS encryption settings (e.g., TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2)
  • enable JavaScript
  • allow cookies

Enabling cookies and JavaScript

All browsers are configured a little differently, so you should check the Internet options within your browser software for enabling cookies. If you experience difficulties, please check with your browser software supplier to determine how to enable cookies and JavaScript.

If your current browser does not support JavaScript, you can download a patch or a more recent version of the browser. Microsoft offers free downloadable versions of their browsers that support 128-bit encryption and JavaScript.