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Warning – Reports of Fraudulent Sales of Firearms over the Internet

The Canadian Firearms Program has received several reports of fraudulent sales of firearms via the Internet. While most Internet sites and sellers are legitimate, it is important that firearms buyers exercise due diligence and caution when making online purchases. Buyers should report instances of suspected fraudulent activity involving firearms to their local law enforcement agency.

Warning signs of fraudulent activity may include:

  • A seller insists on communicating via the Internet only and refuses to provide a telephone number or address.
  • If the seller provides an address, it is different from the point of sale address.
  • A seller provides a post office box as their address and insists payment be made by cheque, certified cheque or money order.
  • A seller insists payment be made by money transfer (where funds can be picked up at any outlet with only the transfer number).
  • A seller provides copies of identification documents that are of poor quality or questionable authenticity (varying fonts and ink tones, poor quality colour reproduction, etc.).

Be cautious when sending personal information over the Internet. Never send identification to unverified sources.

For help and assistance with firearms transactions, contact the Chief Firearms Officer of your province or territory by calling 1-800-731-4000.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police website has resources to help the public recognize, report and stop fraud. Please consult On-line shopping fraud: from a buyer or seller's point of view for more information.