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Transferring, Deactivating and Borrowing Firearms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will firearms have to be verified each time they are transferred to a new owner?

Firearms generally only have to be verified once unless their description has changed or the Registrar requests that they be verified again to confirm that the information is complete and accurate.

Q. Can I borrow a firearm that is registered to someone else?

Yes, if the individual has a firearms licence for that class of firearm. When individuals borrow restricted or prohibited firearms, the lender must also lend them the registration certificates so they can provide proof that the firearms are registered.

If individuals are borrowing a restricted or prohibited firearm, and they intend to transport it to another location, they are required to have an Authorization to Transport (ATT) from the Chief Firearms Officer of the province where the firearm is located, for the firearm being borrowed. An ATT is not required if the individual is transporting non-restricted firearms.

In order to obtain an Authorization to Transport a restricted or prohibited firearm, call 1-800-731-4000 or submit form RCMP 5490 to the Chief Firearms Officer.

Individuals who you do not have a firearms licence, or who are not licensed for the class of firearm they wish to borrow, may borrow the firearm only if they are under the direct and immediate supervision of an appropriately licensed adult (aged 18 or older) and there are no court orders prohibiting them from possessing firearms or other weapons.

Q. If a restricted or prohibited firearm is registered to me, how do I get it deregistered from my name if I sell or give it to someone else?

If a firearms owner sells or gives a restricted or prohibited firearm to a business or individual in Canada, the firearm will be registered to the new owner as part of the transfer process that must take place when a restricted or prohibited firearm changes owners.