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Bill C-10A

Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian Firearms Program

Q. Are the legislative amendments brought about by Bill C-10A, and the amendments to the supporting regulations, fully in force now?

Most of the amendments are in effect as of April 10, 2005. Some provisions dealing with the import and export of firearms, the marking of newly imported and manufactured firearms, the reporting of public agency firearms, and gun shows are not yet in effect.

Q. Now that the amendments to s.12(6) of the Firearms Act are in force, am I and my prohibited handguns grandfathered?

Amendments to s.12(6) give grandfathered status to a prohibited handgun if

  • a registration certificate for the handgun was issued (or applied for and subsequently issued) by December 1, 1998; or
  • the handguns were reported to the Commissioner of the RCMP as business inventory before December 1, 1998.

The effect of this amendment is to extend grandfathering status to include prohibited handguns that were registered to an individual for the first time in Canada between February 14, 1995 and December 1, 1998 (for example, new imports and handguns bought from a dealer), and to handguns that business still had in their inventory on December 1, 1998, the effective date that the handguns became prohibited.

If you already have 12(6) privileges on your firearms licence, the amendment enables you to keep prohibited handguns acquired during that time period provided you re-register them under the Firearms Act. It also enables you to sell or give these handguns to a properly licensed individual or business.

In conjunction with an amendment to the Firearms Licences Regulations for businesses, the amendment also allows businesses to sell to a properly licensed individual those prohibited handguns that were reported as business inventory before December 1, 1998, once they obtain the required privileges on their Firearms Busienss Licence.

The amendment received Royal Assent too late (May 2003) to enable grandfathering privileges to be extended to you if your only prohibited firearms were acquired between February 14, 1995 and December 1, 1998. To have enabled you to obtain the required licence privileges and re-register your firearm and maintain continuous registration, it needed to have passed before your original certificates expired on December 31, 2002.

Q. Can I take my prohibited firearms to a shooting range?

You may transport a prohibited handgun that discharges .25 or .32 calibre ammunition or that has a barrel length of 105 mm or less to a range. Other prohibited firearms may no longer be transported to a shooting range. However, they can be transported for other purposes, such as a change of residence, a change of ownership, export, repair, participation in a gun show, or lawful disposal.