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Revocation of the Registration Certificates for Sport Systeme Dittrich model BD38 and BD3008 firearms

Special Bulletin for Police No. 88

March 4, 2013


The RCMP Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) has revoked the registration certificates for Sport Systeme Dittrich (SSD) model BD38 and BD3008 firearms belonging to individuals and some businesses.  These firearms were originally registered as restricted, but have since been determined to be prohibited.


In Canada, all firearms are classified as non-restricted, restricted or prohibited pursuant to the criteria outlined in subsection 84(1) of the Criminal Code.  The RCMP CFP routinely surveys the firearms marketplace worldwide and maintains and updates the Firearms Reference Table (FRT), which is a comprehensive database of firearms descriptions.  The FRT provides law enforcement with a systematic and standardized method of identifying and describing firearms.

New models of firearms are initially assessed based on the description provided by the manufacturer or importer.  If the initial assessment indicates the firearm may be high-risk, or the information provided is incomplete, an inspection of the firearm may be required.  The SSD model BD38 and BD3008 firearms were imported and registered as restricted firearms based on the descriptions provided by the importer (which included the manufacturer’s specifications) to the RCMP CFP.  However, subsequent inspection by the RCMP CFP has established that these firearms actually meet the legal definition of a prohibited firearm.

Under the Firearms Act, the RCMP CFP has revoked the registration certificates issued for the SSD model BD38 and BD3008 firearms to individuals and those businesses who do not have the appropriate condition on their licence.  Some businesses can legally possess these firearms, if their licence has the appropriate condition, as well as authorized public agents (such as police services).


Individuals and ineligible businesses who own these firearms have been notified they are required to surrender the firearms to police for destruction.  These firearms owners have the right to refer the revocation to a provincial court judge for a reference hearing within 30 days of receiving the Notice of Revocation.  As well, the SSD model BD38 and BD3008 owners who receive revocation notices have been offered financial compensation.  However, in order to be eligible for compensation, owners must agree to forego the option to refer the revocation to a provincial court judge.

The SSD model BD38 and BD3008 firearm owners who have received a letter and a Notice of Revocation from the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program have been advised not to take firearms into their local police without first contacting them in person or by phone to make suitable arrangements for the firearms to be picked up.

These firearms owners have also been advised to ensure that they obtain a receipt from their local police describing (a) the firearm and, (b) the date of disposal.

Since the SSD model BD38 and BD3008 firearms are easily convertible to fully automatic fire, they pose a risk to public safety.  The cooperation of law enforcement partners in collecting and disposing of these firearms is appreciated.

If you have questions, please contact the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program.

This bulletin is intended to provide general information only. For legal references, please refer to the Firearms Act and Regulations. Provincial, territorial and municipal laws, regulations and policies may also apply.

Le présent bulletin est également disponible en Français