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Government of Canada Reinstates Firearms Licence Fees, and Extends Compliance Incentives

Special Business Bulletin No. 85

May 17, 2013


The fee waiver for renewals of non-restricted firearms licences has expired. 

The new Possession Only Licence measure and the Order declaring an Amnesty Period have been renewed until May 16, 2014.


The waiver of the fee for renewing a firearms licence with non-restricted privileges has expired. As explained in other Government announcements, the fee waiver was not renewed due to the current economic climate of fiscal restraint.

Individuals who renew their Possession Only Licence (POL) or Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) with non-restricted firearm privileges on or after May 17, 2013, will be required to pay the renewal fee of $60 (for a POL, or for a PAL with only non-restricted privileges).  Please note that fees for licences with restricted or prohibited privileges, which were reinstated in September 2012, will continue to be in effect.

The Government has chosen to extend two compliance incentives – the new Possession Only Licence measure, and the Order Declaring an Amnesty Period – until May 16, 2014. These initiatives facilitate previously lawful firearms owners coming back into compliance with the Firearms Act.

For more information, please contact the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program.

This bulletin is intended to provide general information only. For legal references, please refer to the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act and their corresponding regulations. Provincial, territorial and municipal laws, regulations and policies may also apply.


Le présent bulletin est également disponible en français.