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BB Gun Determined to be Prohibited Firearm

Special Business Bulletin No. 77

October 24, 2011


The RCMP has recently become aware that certain BB guns, available in Canada, are in fact prohibited firearms. 


The Model FX18HB c.4.5. air rifle (full stock) and FX18IIHB c.4.5. air rifle (folding stock) were inspected and, based on criteria set out in the Criminal Code, determined to be prohibited firearms because they were manufactured with authentic frames and receivers from the Chinese Type-56 version of the AK-47 semi-automatic assault rifle.


This is a public safety concern because these firearms are sold by businesses in Canada, and individuals and businesses may be in possession of unregistered prohibited firearms. 

Businesses in possession of these firearms must either register them, provided they are licensed to do so, or surrender or dispose of them to either the local police or the Chief Firearms Officer.  Individuals must either surrender or dispose of them.

For further information on how to lawfully and safely surrender or dispose of these firearms, please contact your local police or the Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000.

For more information, please contact the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program. This bulletin is intended to provide general information only. For legal references, please refer to the Firearms Act and Regulations. Provincial, territorial and municipal laws, regulations and policies may also apply.