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Incident Management/Intervention Model (IMIM)

The RCMP has modified and updated its Incident Management Intervention Model (IMIM). The alignment of the RCMP's IMIM with that of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP)’s National Use of Force Framework (NUFF) contributes to a common vocabulary and common approaches to the use of force by police agencies across Canada.

There will be a transitional period as training in the new IMIM is implemented across the RCMP. The training is mandatory for all regular members. The revised IMIM is consistent with the RCMP’s commitment to find ways to improve its operations and use of force reporting.

In addition, the RCMP will be implementing a new national reporting mechanism called:"Subject Behaviour Officer Response” (SBOR). This project is currently in the pilot stage and will be launched this summer. SBOR will improve the accuracy of use of force reporting, and will help police officers articulate in greater detail the circumstances of specific incidents and trends across the force.

Information will be updated as the process evolves. Stay tuned!