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Strategic Priority: Aboriginal Communities

Aboriginal Awareness Week 2014

Aboriginal Awareness WeekSince 1992, the federal public service has hosted Aboriginal Awareness Week. This government-wide celebration gives federal public servants from across Canada the opportunity to participate in a week of interactive activities that honour the diverse cultures and traditions of the Métis, Inuit and First Nation peoples.

Throughout the week, within the National Capital Region, scheduled activities and events will build Aboriginal awareness by showcasing historic and contemporary Aboriginal peoples' contributions to Canadian society and culture. The RCMP will be represented at the activities hosted by Health Canada at Tunney's Pasture. For more information, please consult Parks Canada - Aboriginal Awareness Week 2014

Contributing to safer and healthier Aboriginal communities is one of the five strategic priorities of the RCMP. Delivering culturally competent police services provides the foundation necessary to build relationships and partnerships with the more than 600 Aboriginal communities we serve.

Our shared and unique history with Canada's Aboriginal peoples provides an environment in which we can work collaboratively to improve community health and wellness. We are committed to continue building upon these relationships as we encourage, sustain and foster honest and open dialogue among our Aboriginal partners. As we work together, the RCMP is in a position to assist and advocate for Aboriginal communities at a local and national level.

We contribute to safer and healthier Aboriginal communities by:

  • promoting and encouraging the recruitment of Aboriginal people as potential employees and police officers.
  • working collaboratively with the communities to ensure enhanced and optimized service delivery by developing relevant and culturally competent police services.
  • contributing to the development of community capacity to prevent crime through on-going social development.
  • maintaining and strengthening partnerships with Aboriginal communities, our policing and government partners, stakeholders and with Aboriginal organizations.
  • promoting and using alternative / community justice initiatives for Aboriginal people.
  • demonstrating value for service through the development, management and evaluation of the detachment performance plan created in collaboration with the local Aboriginal communities.
  • contributing to public policy development and implementation and development to assist in building safer, and healthier Aboriginal communities.

Other Strategic Priorities: Economic Integrity | Organized Crime | National Security | Youth