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Alberta RCMP's Provincial Policing Priorities

RCMP K Division Headquarters / Provincial Legislature Building in Edmonton, Alberta

Business Plan

The Joint Business Plan developed by the RCMP and the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Ministry is the Provincial Police Service’s strategic roadmap. It allows the RCMP to provide accountable, transparent and effective policing to the citizens of Alberta.

The plan establishes policing priorities by speaking to issues that are important to Albertans, and to those identified by our officers on the front lines. The goals and objectives outlined in the plan provide a framework, and support the development of creative and effective policing initiatives.

The Joint Business Plan plays a vital role in the RCMP’s ability to ensure safe communities for all Albertans.


  1. Deliver innovative coordinated visible and accountable policing.
  2. Create opportunities for prevention, partnerships and enforcement initiatives to address crime in aboriginal communities.
  3. Enhanced response to serious violent and organized crime.
  4. Ensure use of police based victim services units.

For a complete copy of the Joint Business Plan, please contact (780) 412-5303.

For more information on Provincial Policing Priorities please visit the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General website at

For more information on the National RCMP policing priorities please visit the National RCMP web site at