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KARE/Pro-Active Team

The KARE/Pro-Active Team, a sub-unit of “K” Division’s Missing Persons Unit, was originally created to investigate the deaths of several vulnerable missing persons in the Edmonton area. Known to many as “Project KARE” since the unit’s inception in 2003, KARE’s mandate has expanded considerably. The team, a model of which police organizations across the country have based their own vulnerable missing persons units on, investigates and reviews files of missing vulnerable persons throughout Alberta.

Through investigational strategies, KARE strives to minimize the risk of murder to vulnerable missing persons within Alberta. These strategies have been developed throughout the implementation of the program and continue to evolve.

KARE has advanced significantly since its inception and is no longer considered a "project” within “K” Division. Its creation also served as a catalyst for the creation of “K” Division Missing Persons unit that now encompasses the KARE/Pro-Active Team, Alberta Missing Persons and Unidentified Human Remains (AMPUHR) initiative, and a specialized Victims Services Coordinator. The Missing Persons Unit falls under the Serious Crimes Branch and is strategically linked to the Historical Homicide Unit.

Pro-Active Team

In the spring of 2003, a vulnerable persons project team – Project KARE – was formed in response to a number of found human remains in the Edmonton area. Today, lessons learned from early KARE cases have led to a holistic approach to identifying and educating those who may be at higher risk of becoming a missing person. Teams canvass, identify and register people engaged in vulnerable lifestyles in various cities in Alberta. This High Risk Registry Program is completely voluntary and the information collected is retained explicitly for the purpose of identification.

The program consists of three main components:

  • collection of personal information
  • harm reduction/education
  • criminal intelligence

Personal engagement between Pro-Active Team members and those living a vulnerable lifestyle have expanded to include regular meetings with those in remand centres, correctional facilities, PSECA ( Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act) homes and social care facilities.