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Aboriginal Policing

RCMP vehicle in Eden Valley Alberta

Since our earliest days in the West, the RCMP has enjoyed a close relationship with the Aboriginal people of Alberta. History has taught us that to be effective, we must deliver policing service that reflects the needs of individual communities – and deliver it in culturally sensitive way. The RCMP is in a unique position to assist and advocate on behalf of Alberta’s Aboriginal community because we serve it at the municipal, provincial and federal level.

A National and Provincial Priority

The promotion of safer and healthier Aboriginal communities is a priority for the RCMP and the Province of Alberta. This is reflected in the Provincial Police Service Agreement which governs the RCMP’s delivery of police service in First Nations and Métis communities.

Alberta is home to one of the largest, youngest and fastest-growing Aboriginal populations in Canada. Nearly half of that population is under the age of 24 and particularly vulnerable to the influence of gangs and organized criminals – a reality that poses significant challenges to the RCMP and the communities we serve.

Commanding Officer's Aboriginal Advisory Committee

CO's Aboriginal Advisory CommitteeThe “K” Division Commanding Officer’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee helps the RCMP identify policing needs and mobilize the support of the Aboriginal community in addressing them. Comprised of 12 representatives from First Nations and Métis communities from across Alberta, the group meets twice a year with the Commanding Officer and District Commanders to provide local and cultural insight that help the RCMP reduce the impact of crime in Aboriginal communities. The group also helps the RCMP identify and manage emerging issues that have the potential to weaken the strong historic relationship that exists between the Aboriginal community and the RCMP in Alberta.